Sugar Coated Sour
what rounding out breaks the silent barrier waiting and waiting. can i pick your modest waste? i expect no more than a simple regret. did i stutter, what? did i stutter. yeah, you deserve it. eat shit you earned it. life would be so much better if you did not exist. and god bless you fucking queen. what pawns we have become in this bland little play: sugar. coated. sour.

43% Burnt
i smell that whore. bring me back. bring me a brick. take my bottle and break it. pour it all out. i pushed you too far. self absorb that pity. i want to knock you off your horse. i just feel it, everythings fine. spit on yourself, your so beautiful. crack and chip off like the sun wont shine down. take your medicine like a champ, while that sting can last a million years. self absorb that utopia so bad, i just feel it.

Jim Fear
alfresco slapsticked foam mouth sunshine. jim fear has done it again. slash her and bash her porno freak. flaming hermit, lonely fool. throw another crap cake on the stove jimmy. a staged and natural bliss, so flip the pahe and lock the door, or have you finished.

Destro's Secret
and now ill hang my skin, this skin. transparent words of sin, my love so sweet. your name looks so good distorted like that. scrape off some skin, revealing crud, an hour before dark im walking through the rain and scratching her window screen. ive come to take your breath away. break the door down. knock the door down. angel i cant let you in. sundripped devil scratched out my eyes.

The Running Board
soft fade circled around. turn loose goodbye. no attempt to look failure is king. are we ready? close those lips. try to lose me 3 more times. hush baby now dont say a word. 6:53 and where are you? run home, run far, through your face in a pillow. scream out what you cant. fix that make up cover your tracks yeah youre an angel. avoiding what games to play. was it "less or more or more or less"? coward wisk away the fear. clear the air and jump. slide closer to the edge. say good night. its the final curtain call. switch of, goodbye.

Clip The Apex...Accept Instruction
that lashed right on. the head of the nail. a thousand years it was the last moment. figured it out. how the honey burns. figured it out. stick on me so sweet decoy the crap hide this broken boy. fuck you cause ive rotted. ive broken down. im that kid, so naive. bet it all, i just lost the whole thing. just lost it all. sing us plenty. cover me baby. proves it phony, red for money. so step right up, you won that prize. ive lost the house, bet the whole thing.

4th Grade Dropout
the chain linked fence surrounds the feeble child. gag your mouth. to hear sweet melodies. lifted your hand to swing the chair pounding my brain. love her and tell her, fuck her and smell her. dont fall for it, dont fall for me. fall child. one more thing, just one more time. kiss my lips and make me fly. i told you not to fall for it.

Variations On A Cocktail Dress
fill holes dig hills forever gazing at backdoors. for once in a life, its coming in inspired by our attraction. what we smell, bitter sweet pleasure. one phone call. one fine line of prison. the walk. the smell. the spoiled. backdoor honey please come home. such a shame to throw away. dont you fucking spill it. avoid that, that best feeling possible. yes we do obsess.