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Guys this CD is AWESOME!  If you haven't picked it up yet, get yourself a copy now!!!  Its got a multimedia extra for the computer.  It has got great interviews and an awesome trailer for Enlarged to Show Detail 2.

311 Tribute Album is out!! 

The 311 Tribute Album is still on sale! Grab yourself a copy of a 311 history before it is sold out!  There are a limited amount of copies left!  From what I hear, the cover is awesome.  For more info go to the Tribute Album website.

You Wouldn't Believe the lyrics I got 
(another shameless plug on the title :P )
I've got the real lryics to YWB.  According to Drew of Mp311, a good friend from Launch.com told him that "You Wouldn't Believe" is based on the main character in the movie Swingers. You be the judge.

You Wouldnt Believe Lyrics WOOHOOO

MP3s for all! 
I've gotton rid of the password system for the mp3s!  They are now open to everyone!!  Click Here for MP3s!

To help cut down on server costs, I opened a donations page at Amazon.com!  All I need is 32 people to donate $1 (or more) each month and that will take care of the 600mb high speed server that houses all this 311 greatness! Come help out!  Click Here for more info.

New Sugar Ray Featuring Nick Hexum 
Here's a clip of the new easy listening Sugar Ray song "Stay Out".  It features Nick Hexum.

Would you like to DOWNLOAD IT NOW ?
(this update is for d3fygravity)

I got my hands on a copy of the studio version of the NEW 311 single "You Wouldn't Believe".  There is no version better out there folks!  This song is awesome!

Do yourself a favor and DOWNLOAD IT NOW

From Chaos Cover
Here's a new high-rez version of the cover! Check it out. 
From Chaos Cover
I personally like the inside art better.  This would have made a very cool cover!
Insider Art Work

Congratulations PNUT!
PNUT got married last week! Congratulations, hope you and the new wife have a great life!  Maybe we'll be seeing little pnuts running around soon?  :)

EXT311.com takes a bath
In celebration of the new album, ext311.com will be completely redone for the release of the next album!!  I dont know which is going to be more exciting.. ::cough::

All 1,230 of you
I'd like to thank all you that have bugged me to update the past month.  Especially those who went out of their way to remind me every sigle day. :P  I haven't had time recently to do anything because of another project I am working on and almost done with.  BUT DONT WORRY!!  I plan on getting back in full swing very...very soon :)

Message Board Back Up!!    4.4.01
The Extension#311 messageboard is finally back up after some reconstruction! Check it out if you havent yet!
Message Board

Happy 3/11 Day!!!     3.11.01 
Happy 3/11 Day everyone! (March 11th). Today the 311 Tribute Album is finally completed!  All 2,000 were received and if you would like one of them, go order one now!  http://311tributealbum.cjb.net/
The Tribute Album Cover       3.11.01    
 The new 311 Tribute Album Cover I designed is up!  Get a glimpse of the cover before you go order it!    The Tribute Album will also come with a 20+ page insert booklet for your viewing pleasure.
Cover Medium Res.   Small Monitor Friendly.
Cover High Res.  Large Monitor Friendly

New Album Mixing Complete     3.11.01  

  311 has completed their final day of mixing today.  The album, which is currently unnamed, is at the end stages of production.  Unlike previously thought, the "majority of the album is made up of songs that are among the hardest fastest stuff we've ever done. We also have made some breakthroughs (in our eyes) of making some trippy, yet beautiful mellow moments." (Nick Hexum)  Get excited 311 fans, this one's gonna be big.
Hive Update

311 Gets added to the Warped Tour     3.11.01 

  311 Have been accepted to play at the warped tour!  They will play in select shows from June 22 to July 29. 311 will be joined by Rancid, Pennywise, Weezer, Less Than Jake, AFI, The Vandals, New Found Glory and many more.  Tour dates HERE

ETSDII Late 2001     3.11.01

  "311 in Japan", the "311 Milk Challenge" and "3-11 Day New Orleans" sections have been completed for ETSDII.  With miles of tape to go through, it is going to take a long time.  Should be finished late 2001.
Hive Update


Extension#311 is part of the BrakeOut.net Network.

311 Auctions!!

  Extension#311 Auctions are now open!!  Auction off all your 311 memorabilia or buy some hard to find 311 stuff for a good price!

EXT#311 Auctions


311 Signs with Volcano Records

   "Our reaction, in a word, is stoked," says 311's Nick Hexum of the band's deal with Volcano. "Our main desire was to get off Capricorn, and that was achieved." More

Read about 311's battle with Capricorn Records HERE


Official 311 Hive News Update

  A recap, new 311 songs (names), a historic studio and a happy holidays.  Read the full update here


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  The big Kahuna has reset the top 25 311 sites!  Now is your chance to show your appreciation towards Extension#311.

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Top 25 311 Sites


Download 311 Songs on the Ocarina

  I added downloadable examples of the 311 songs on the Ocarina!  They are in Mp3 format.

311 Songs on the Ocarina


A FULL version of Champagne and some B.E.P.

  1 FULL new 311 song and 1 311 related song.




  311 covered R.E.M.'s "I AM SUPERMAN" at last Tuesdays Halloween show.  I've obtained a copy of of song, hear it here 1st!



Joan Hath Spoken

  What Joan speaks, you listen.

Full Story


It has begun

  311 have lined up producer Ron Saint Germain (Bad Brains, Soundgarden) to produce their upcoming new album which is as of yet untitled. The band are currently writing and rehearsing new material for it at their own Hive Studios in Los Angeles, CA. The band plans to officially begin recording late this year with a spring release being eyed.

Source: theprp.com


311 Interview Analyzed

  I analyzed every one of 311's answers in my interview with them.  
Check it out here.


Exclusive Interview with 311

  Check out the Exclusive Extension#311 interview with 311!  It includes more info about the next album, ETSD 2, the new tour and more.
Interview with 311




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What's the best 311 song to listen to while gettin it onnnn?
8:16 am
Do You Right
Down South
Inner Light Spectrum
Stealing happy hours
Use of Time

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