Updating is a dead scene 09.08.02
I have added a tab for the Mullet Burden in the Tabs section. Please check it out because it rocks. Thanks to the guy who did it for me. I also put the lyrics to the new cd in the lyrics section. I might start doing this site once more, but i might not. I still cant believe how many people still come to this site and leave so many positive things in the guestbook. And i also want to say that MIKE PATTON rules. So check out the tabs.... and lyrics. my fingers hurt now and the BRowns are winning. woohoo

Random Act of Update 03.09.02
After cancelling their dates with Darkest Hour, Dillinger are on what seems to be a pretty successful overseas tour with System of a Down. Tour dates are in the Dates section.
Tour Time/Welcome Back 01.15.02
Dillinger tourdates are in the tour section... or whatever its called. They will be headng out with Darkest Hour, and All Else Fails. Botch will pick up 5 dates on the Westcoast, and Playing Enemy will be on 2 dates...
I am sorry for the lack of attention that I gave to this website. Some personal problems came up, and I just didnt want to do much to this site... And I was busy with school stuff, and other various reasons... This website should be happy now. Thanks for coming...
Vacation/Statement 11.07.01
Due to personal reasons, this site will not be updated for the next month to two months. I am sorry for this. In Dillinger News, they have posted a statement about their new singer on their website,
No Nora 10.15.01
It turns out Dillinger wont be hitting the road with Nora in the near future. While it's possible they may play a show together, no real tour is in the works. Other news, Dillinger will be hitting the road in the wintertime. No dates or bands have been announced yet.
New Singer / Tour Rumours 10.12.01
Last nights show in New York went well. They debuted their new singer named Greg. From what I hear he was good. I'd like to see what he can do. They played a cover of Billy Idols "Rebel Yell". Its possible that this may be the cover song that will show up on the upcoming EP with Mike Patton. In other news, Dillinger will most likely be hitting the road with Nora sometime this autumn.
Live Rumours and More 10.01.01
Date added to the Dates section. Dillinger may be hitting the road with Fantomas sometime soon! Ill keep you posted.
Patton Escape Plan 09.29.01
First of all I want to say sorry for not updating at all the last month or so, but i could not sign onto this server because tripod is ghey. It's official. Mike Patton of Faith No More, Fantomas, Mr Bungle, Peeping Tom, countless others, will now be joining Dillinger to record a 4 song EP. It is said that there will be a cover on the CD, but I'm not sure what it will be. Thanks to Dillinger for finally linking my site on theirs (even though its the wrong URL). Lastly, to all the people who say dillinger suck and is just noise... please die. They are better than you could ever imagine yourself being. Thanks
Dillinger Faith Plan 07.27.01
Dillinger Escape Plan and Mike Patton (faith no more, mr. bungle, fantomas) are in negotiations to record and EP together. Check back here for more news on this wonderful colaboration. Also, i hate to promote myself but I am opening up a zine for hardcore and emo called PURE. You can check it out here. It officially launches August First.
Discography 07.19.01
I worked on the discography section... Added the album information. I will get a more complete discography a little later in the sites history... including compilations, splits, 7", and all the other rare stuff. I will be adding the drum tab to Cleopatra's Sling sometime shortly.
Site Update 07.18.01
I have gotten rid of most of the popups using a special technology called java script. I added two new affiliates... A Poison The Well site, and a Will Haven site. Check em out... and sign the guestbook.
Affiliated 07.18.01
Broken Home, a Papa Roach fansite, is now affilated with Calculating Infinity. Check his site out for all the top Papa Roach news. Email Me to become affiliated.
Upgraded 07.18.01
If you hadnt noticed, i changed the site layout and stuff. Sign the guestbook and tell me what you think of the change.
The Dillinger Escape Plan have confirmed their plans to release a new 4 song EP by the end of the year through Chrome St. Magnus in conjunction with an as of yet undetermined U.S. label. The EP will contain 3 brand new songs which have already been recorded (without vocals), along with a cover song. The group will also be covering the Black Flag tracks, "Damaged I" and "Damaged II" for an upcoming Black Flag tribute, due out shortly through Initial Records. In other news, Atari Teenage Riot have been lined up to remix the track, "43% Burnt" for an upcoming "DIY Fest" compilation. At present, the group are still searching for a new vocalist, for more info, check out their recently overhauled official website at
New Layout 07.12.01
I am working on a new layout as i type this... it will rule alot... Be up soon.
Welcome 07.08.01
Welcome to my all new Dillinger Escape Plan Website. I hope you like what I have done and what will be done. I still have alot of missing parts to it right now. I will be adding parts to the website constantly. I honestly am not up to date on any DEP news right now so I cant report it. Come back later and Ill have stuff ready to go for ya. Thanks